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Is a large scale project underway, do you need help sourcing all the materials for the shower enclosures? Glass, components and installation can all be carried our by us. Read on.

Refurbishments can come with a whole host of unexpected problems which need solving, at Glass Parts Direct we pride ourselves on passionately aiming to achieve the best results possible for our customers and clients. The need for lateral thinking is often underestimated, and overlooked, however we regularly employ it to enable projects to be completed.

A methodical and precise attitude is often needed to overcome the issues that the customer may face. As an example with a single panel of glass, when using U Channel to fix the glass in position, if the wall is out of true, the best option is to go for deep U Channel. This allows additional flexibility in installing and the out of plumb wall will hopefully go unnoticed. Simple but effective. Also don't forget the support bar to work seamlessly with the U Channel to ensure the shower enclosure can sustain heavy use, essential is being used in the public domain.

Peace of mind for many hoteliers is that the consideration is on making the glass look great but also constructed in a safe manner, everything is covered at Glass Parts Direct, this is what our many years of experience working with fittings and glass have culminated in.

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