How to Order Your Bespoke Glass Project

How to Order Your Bespoke Glass Project

To enable an order, an invoice needs to be raised. We require the following; full address for delivery (billing address if different) a contact number for quick communication (for the glass delivery) and any other information you deem important for us, such as directions and specific instructions.

Full Payment is Required Prior to Production of Glass and Shipping of Components

Once the invoice has been generated, and after being thoroughly checked by the customer, we can take payment via credit or debit card, bank transfer or PayPal. After payment has been made in full, the glass production process commences and any required components and hardware are placed on order and expedited directly to the customer via a national courier from our supplier partners. If we are installing the glass, the components will arrive with a member of our team.

Approving and Signing Off Your Custom Glass Order

After the invoice has been paid in full, an elevation and plan view (if required) of your bespoke glass will then be provided for signing off by the customer. This will include the tolerances we are reducing your glass by physically for fitting in your circumstance. For example, a shower door to fit in a total opening of 700mm x 2000mm, would have physical glass proportions of  approximately 684mm x 1988mm, in order to allow for the hinges and perimeter seals.