How to Get a Price for Your Bespoke Glass Project

How to Get a Price for Your Bespoke Glass Project?

In order for us to price and provide a quote, we ideally need to know a few key points; 

What is the Custom Glass being used for?

Do you require a made to measure shower enclosure or door, internal glass partition, glass balustrade or a custom mirror for example?


What are the total opening dimensions (tight sizes) of the space the Bespoke Glass will be installed?

We have a variety of measuring templates for shower screens and configurations; if a partition or balustrade is required, what are the overall lengths and heights required.


Where are you located for delivery or installation of your Glass Project?

This is important as we operate in the south of England and we're not a national business, so in order to not needlessly take up your time and ours it's best to know if we can assist at your location. The following link has a list of locations we do cover. Delivery Locations and Information.


Do you have a preference for the Glass Component or Hardware finishes; chrome, matte black, satin brass for example?


For shower based projects there are a large range of finishes available of the components and hardware, hinges, handles etc and the prices and availability can vary. Equally for partition and balustrade glass we can source multiple finishes for a number of scenarios.


Send us an Email and accompanying images, photos or a sketch if required.

We suggest emailing over a sketch or images/photos to help us orientate in the space, to aid us in understanding what you're hoping to achieve. We can then assist in guiding you through the practicalities and options. We will allow for the fitting tolerances based on your overall sizes, an elevation is produced for sign off once an order is placed. 

Understandably there will be numerous questions. Therefore we have a selection of comprehensive guides, measuring guides and glass installation methodologies on our website, to further assist you in your decision making.


Our contact info can be seen below;

email us at 

or give us a call on 01225 667537 (weekdays only)