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What is the Minimum Size for a Glass Shower Door? What is the standard Width and Height?

Two questions that we get asked often by our customers at Marvin and Pinch, is what size should my glass shower door be? and what is the best glass thickness for a shower door?

As our frameless glass shower doors are made to our customers specification, we do what we can to ensure the desired size is achievable. The minimum width of a glass shower door is anywhere between 600mm and 800mm, the variable being the height and the hardware being used i.e. the number of hinges. It is also important to consider the overall weight of the door.

  • 8mm Shower Glass Door width 400mm to 750mm
  • 8mm Shower Glass Door height 1400mm to 2100mm
  • 10mm Shower Glass Door width 400mm to 860mm
  • 10mm Shower Glass Door height 1400mm to 2470mm

The most standard size of a frameless glass shower door, from our experience, is 700mm width and 2000mm in height. This works well within an enclosure configuration, and also when putting the door into an attic or loft space, when the shower door is being hinged from a wall. 

This shower door was 703mm in width and 2465mm in height, 3 hinges and the glass was 10mm Clear Toughened.

The realistic minimum shower door width tends to be 550mm, when the space is perhaps tighter, but when the customer still wants to make the most of the opening into the shower space. Normally with smaller single frameless shower doors, the glass thickness is 8mm, this keeps both the weight and cost down.  Another worthy rule of thumb is that if the glass is to be hinged off of a another shower glass panel, then consider 8mm.

The height of a glass shower door is often a minimum of 1850mm and as high as 2200mm and above, again dependant on the enclosure. Often full height enclosures will have a frameless glass door of around 2100mm to 2400mm. Two Steam rooms that we completed recently were 12mm in thickness. The glass shower door weight is less of a concern in this case because the surrounding structure is significant.


This frameless shower door was made of 8mm Clear Toughened glass, used two offset glass to wall hinges, with a width of 600mm and height 1900mm.

However an average size, height and thickness guide would be as follows;

Single glass shower door in 8mm between 500mm and 800mm width and up to 2100mm in height. Over 750mm 3 hinges can be required.

10mm glass frameless shower doors are anywhere between 700mm and 850mm in width, and 2000mm up to 2400mm in height. Again, the larger heights and widths would require 3 hinges.

12mm glass doors are similar to the 10mm, however when being used as part of a full height enclosure they are often a minimum of 700mm up to 2400mm.



This shower door was hung from the right hand wall with two matte black hinges, dimensions were 1920mm height and 696mm width. Glass was 10mm Optiwhite low iron glass.


Each job has it's own specific requirements and as all our shower glass is cut to size, so our advice is based on your specific needs and is totally bespoke too!

If you want to discuss your needs with one of our sales team give us a call on 01225 667537  or email over a sketch of your needs to us at

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Chrome 8" Back to back pull handle for door

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