Three panel configuration for glass shower enclosure

Shower Enclosures: Get it right first time, prepare don’t fail.

Helping you to get your Shower Enclosure right first time!

We all know that is something goes wrong or needs to be corrected it takes time, money, effort and can at times be very stressful.

This can certainly be the case with constructing a bespoke shower enclosure. Once the glass is toughened and processed, it can’t be altered, therefore if a correction is required to the build it needs to be made to the surrounding area, the tiles need to be cut, or the frame work adjusted etc. Hinges do have play in them, but ultimately the age-old rule of measuring twice cutting once, is very relevant to toughened glass.

We want your shower enclosure to go right first time, we don’t want to have to sell you a subsequent panel, we want to save you money, time, effort and stress! All this can be avoided with careful preparation, consider all your options for configuration of your enclosure before finalising. There are a selection of common configurations that can be adapted in terms of dimensions to suit your enclosure.

Equally the components have been rigorously tried and tested to ensure they work, and they work flawlessly. As mentioned, preparation is key in assessing what is needed from yourself in order for us to get your shower glass enclosure a step closer to becoming a reality.

A couple of points that are always valuable are, if you're planning to have a door as part of your enclosure, consider having it hinged off a wall. This will then remove the additional costs of having a further glass panel with cut outs for glass to glass hinges, and the associated extra U Channel required to secure the panel to the wall. Regarding the choice U Channel, use the deep variant over the regular low profile where possible, this adds extra stability overall on the glass.


This will then remove the additional costs of having a further glass panel


So, contact us with your proposed enclosure build, so we can help you get your build project underway. Email us at or call us on 01225 667537



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